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Amplicon Sequencing

The Amplicon sequencing services focus on specific amplicons with certain length generated by PCR or capture. These specific amplicons included 16S rDNA hypervariable regions from bacteria, 18S rDNA and ITS hypervariable regions from fungi, and any functional genes that can be captured and amplified.

With the NGS technology applied to amplicon sequencing, we get a new sight into species diversity and population structure.

18S/16S rDNA Hypervariable Region Sequencing

Sequencing of 18S/16S rDNA hypervariable regions is a typical tool for bacteria identification. Amplification of one or several of these regions followed by sequencing could provide critical information for species diversity and population structure analysis.

ITS Hypervariable Region Sequencing

There are two regions in ribosome DNA sequences of eukaryotic organisms named ITS1 and ITS2. ITS1 is located between the 18S and the 5.8S rDNA sequence and ITS2 is located between the 5.8S and the 28S rDNA sequences. Nest PCR is applied for ITS sequencing: primers are designed in conservative regions, and specific hyper variable sequences are amplified then used for species identification. NGS technology offers an efficient strategy to fungal diversity analysis.