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With a stable alternation of gene expression in cells during cell proliferation and differentiation process, DNA methylation plays a crucial role in the development of most types of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and neurological diseases. Therefore, to characterize methylation of bases is critical to understand regulation of genes at epigenetic level. Sequencing of bisulfite-converted DNA provides a useful whole epigenome analysis tool for researchers to focus on specific tissues or dynamic developmental processes.

Project Workflow

BS workflowBisulfite Treatment

Bisulphite treatment

BS treatment


Sequencing Strategy

  • 300 bp insertion DNA library
  • HiSeq 2500 Platform V4 reagent, Paired-end 125 bp

Sample Requirements

  • Total DNA amount: ≥5 μg
  • DNA concentration: ≥50 ng/μL
  • Purity: OD 260/280= 1.8-2.0 without degradation and RNA contamination

Turnaround Time

  • Within 50 days from sample verification
  • Recommended Sequencing Depth
  • Effective sequencing depth above 30X

Analysis Pipeline

BS Analysis