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Microbial Genome Sequencing

With the development of NGS technology, whole genome sequencing has become an important tool for bacterial and fungal genome research with reasonable cost and short turnaround time.

Novogene provides different types of services based on diverse research requirements.

Bacterial/Fungal genome draft map

With the construction of short insertion library followed by Miseq deep sequencing and primary assembly, bacterial and fungal genome draft map can fulfill basic research requirement with low cost.

Bacterial/Fungal genome resequencing

For strains that already have reference genome sequences, bacterial and fungal genome resequencing adapt short insertion library construction and HiSeq sequencing followed by variation analysis (including SNP and InDel calling), which is the best choice for population study.

Project Workflow

Bacterial workflow


Technical Parameters

Bacterial Tech paraments

Sample Requirements

  • DNA amount: for < 800 bp insertion Library, ≥3 μg; for PCR-free Library, ≥5 μg; for 2-6 kb insertion Library, ≥5 μg
  • DNA concentration: ≥50 ng/μL
  • Purity: OD 260/280= 1.8-2.0 without degradation and RNA contamination