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Targeting the total set of transcripts in a population of cells under given conditions, transcriptome sequencing reveals molecular mechanisms underlying specific biological processes based on the integrated study of both gene structure and function.

Novogene is now providing advanced solutions for eukaryotic mRNA sequencing based on the HiSeq2500 (V4 reagent) platform.

Project Workflow

mRNA workflow

Sequencing Strategy

  • 200 bp insertion RNA library
  • HiSeq 2500 Platform V4 reagent, Paired-end 125 bp

Sample Requirements

  • Total RNA amount: ≥3 μg
  • RNA concentration: ≥50 ng/μl
  • RIN value ≥6.5 for plants and fungi; RIN value ≥7.0 for animals
  • Purity: OD260/280 = 1.8-2.2, OD260/230 ≥ 2.0 without degradation and DNA contamination

Turnaround Time

  • Within 30 days from sample verification

Recommended Data Amount

  • 20 M clean reads for general depth
  • 40 M clean reads for high depth

Analysis Pipeline

  • For transcriptome analysis with reference genome, data analysis workflow is as follows:

mRNA analysis