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VERSA 110 Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

VERSA-110-PCRVersa 110 PCR-small

The VERSA 110 automated liquid handling workstation gives all the flexibility of manual pipetting without the variation associated with manual techniques. The single channel arm with precise xyz targeting allows the use of specialized plate types not compatible with other workstations. The 8 position deck gives the workstation to perform a variety of tasks including PCR plate setup, library normalization and pooling, enzymatic reactions and other general liquid handling protocols.




Versa 110 Software smallApplications

  • PCR and RT-PCR reaction setup
  • Sequencing reaction setup
  • NGS library normalization and pooling
  • Liquid-Liquid extraction
  • Hit picking
  • Serial dilution
  • Enzymatic assays
  • General liquid handling