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Protein Purification

HisExpress™ Protein Purification Columns

Purify His-tagged proteins in under five minutes

Can be used under native or denaturing conditions

OmniLyse® & HisExpress™

Cell Lysis & Protein Purification Combo Packs

OmniLyse®HL/HisExpress™ Combo Packs combine two of ClaremontBio's signature products for complete sample preparation from whole cells to protein ready for downstream analysis in less than 12 minutes.

The new OmniLyse®HL/HisExpress™ Combo Packs are ideal for protocols that require His-tagged protein purification from whole cells. By combining the ultra-rapid lysing ability of ClaremontBio's OmniLyse® Kits with the large binding capacity and speed of HisExpress™ Columns, these combo packs allow for complete preparation of cellular proteins for downstream analysis in less than 12 minutes. The OmniLyse®HL is specially fitted for use with HisExpress™ Columns, allowing for an air-tight seal and seamless transfer of sample between the two devices. Read the Protein Purification Protocol or order a trial pack today to see how this technology can help your laboratory save time and increase productivity.

Key Features:

  • Complete sample preparation from whole cells to purified protein in less than 12 minutes.
  • Perform cell lysis and protein purification with one simple kit that is specially designed to work together and prevent cross-contamination.
  • Analysis-ready protein samples with >95% purity and a binding capacity of 1.2 mgs per column.