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Lateral Flow Reagent Dispensers

ClaremontBio's newly released Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (LFRD) offers an inexpensive and reliable alternative for dispensing reagents onto membranes or paper. This LFRD unit is ideal for development or small-scale production Lateral Flow or paper-based fluidic applications.

Key Features:

  • Reproducible, well defined test lines
  • No heating of reagents
  • Non-contact, adjustable dispense tips
  • Interchangeable and low-cost dispense heads and tips
  • Adjustable dispense volume
  • Simultaneous dispensing of up to 4 lines (customizable for additional lines)
  • Accommodates 30 cm membrane length of varying width
  • Use your existing syringe pump or purchase from ClaremontBio

Coming Soon: Adaptable to dispense dots for flow-through assays


Dimensions (L x W x H): 457 x 146 x 75 mm (excluding external power supply and syringe pump)

Weight: 2.2 kg

Power: 120 VAC; provides variable 3 – 12 V DC to ALFRD

Dispense Area (L x W): 302 x 64 mm


  • Lateral Flow / Immunochromatographic strip test / Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RTDs)
  • Paper-based fluidics assays
  • Flow-through assays