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The Hairpin-ITTM miRNA qPCR assays are sensitive and specific assays for the detection and quantification of miRNAs (miRNA) from total RNA samples. miRNAs are small, single-stranded, ~19–23 nt RNA molecules encoded in the genomes of plants, animals, and viruses. Mature miRNAs enter the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) and guide the RISC to induce translational repression or endonucleolytic cleavage of specific target mRNAs. 

Hairpin-ITTM assays are available for Sybr based detection or in combination with a Molecular Beacon probe for Taq-Man™ style detection. The stem-loop like miRNA RT primer and the miRNA specific Beacon probe ensure the RT and PCR reactions are specific to the mature miRNA and do not detect miRNA precursors. The kits are suit able for use with purified total RNA, purified miRNA or cell lysates.

Hairpin-IT assays are available as custom orders, with an available design service, or as one of over 700 prevalidated assays for Human, Mouse and Rat.  For a full list of these please visit the online store or seach for the miRNA you are after in the search field, eg hsa-miR-886-3p

Normalization of RNA content between different experimental samples can be achieved using the U6 snRNA qPCR Normalization Kit (Cat # QPM-050) and 5S rRNA qPCR Normalization Kit (Cat # QPM-060), both available separately.