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GenePharma miRNA are small, single stranded, chemically-synthetic and optimized nucleic acids designed to mimic endogenous mature microRNA (miRNA) molecules in cells. GenePharma miRNA are designed to directly enter the miRNA processing pathway and, after processing, are treated identically to endogenous miRNA within the cell.

Agomirs have been developed for the:

  • induction of specific miRNA activity
  • to tightly regulate cellular miRNA levels
  • achieve optimal delivery efficiency with minimal cytotoxicity

miRNA enables up-regulation of miRNA activity for miRNA functional analysis. Specific experimental designs include:

  • miRNA target site identification and validation
  • screening for miRNAs that regulate gene expression
  • screening for miRNAs that affect specific cellular processes
  • miRNA-related cellular functions can be further investigated using GenePharma Antagomirs, which enable loss-of-function experiments through reduction of miRNA activity.

GenePharma provides different lengths and forms of customer-defined miRNA, we can also provide the miRNA sequence from Sanger miRNA database based on the your needs (http://microrna.sanger.ac.uk/sequences), alternatively you can supply  sequences of interest and we can design and manufacture the assays for you.