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Ultra-rapid Cell Lysis Kits

The OmniLyse kits bring portability and speed to the application of cell lysis and disruption for downstream DNA or Protein isolation.  Powered by USB or battery packs, these cell lysis kits are small, efficient and rapid tools for the extraction of cellular content for proteomic or genetic analysis.

Key Features:

  • Efficient, reproducible lysis can be achieved with even hard-to-lyse cells in 40 seconds or less. Unlike some lysis protocols, OmniLyse Kits can easily disrupt gram-positive cells, mycobacterium, spores, and many other cell types.
  • No chemicals or wash steps make OmniLyse Kits ideal for sensitive assays that can be affected by the presence or organic compounds.
  • Disposability and portability allow OmniLyse Kits to be stored under normal laboratory condition. After use, the kits can then be simply thrown away without any harm to the environment.


  • Cell Development Research
  • Infectious Disease Studies
  • Proteomics Research
  • Genomics Studies