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PicoPLEX™, the technology used by IVF clinics worldwide for pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis in detecting chromosomal aneuploidies and copy number variations, is now available for use on your Illumina NGS platform! PicoPLEX DNA-seq kit streamlines library preparation; the entire process is performed in a single tube or well – reducing error and contamination, speeding time to results, and reducing costs.

PicoPLEX DNA-seq kit contains 48 reactions and includes everything necessary to convert 48 individual cells or DNA (6 pg to 60 pg) to NGS libraries, including dual barcodes. Barcoding oligonucleotides are provided in a single-use microwell plate.

  • Reduce ambiguity–highly reproducible CNV and aneuploidy detection
  • Reduce workflow–from a single cell to a sequencing-ready library in three steps
  • Reduce cost–a single kit contains everything needed to prepare a sequencing-ready library
  • Reduce contamination and error–library prep in a single tube or well, no transfers necessary
  • Reduce time to results–Illumina NGS libraries prepared in less than 3 hours


Picoplex DNA Seq

Individual Library Quant Eliminated 

Sorted Cells

Highly Reproducible CNV Across the Whole Genome

CNV across genome