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PrepTip™ Sample Recovery Tips

PrepTip™ Sample Recovery Tips are a new beta product from ClaremontBio specially designed to provide high quality, consistent, sample recovery and with the ability to recover 2X more sample from any bead beater or homogenizer compared to standard pipette procedures.

Scientists at ClaremontBio weren't satisfied with the amount of lysate and supernatant being lost using standard pipetting procedures so they decided to devise a better solutions. After months of testing and tweaking to make them efficient as possible, PrepTip™ Separation Tips are now officially available.

These new tips are guaranteed to improve sample recovery and are ideal for sensitive assays where every micro-liter of sample counts.

Key Features:

  • Efficient, consistent lysate separation from any bead beater or homogenizer.
  • 2x greater sample recovery compared to standard pipette procedures.
  • Simple and easy to incorporate into any protocol.