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Single Cell WGA for open architechure method development.

The ability to amplify DNA to yield a highly reproducible library from a single cell is now possible! The PicoPLEX™ WGA kit is designed and optimized for amplification of single copy genomic DNA with input concentrations as low as 15 pg. The easy-to-use single tube protocol reduces handling errors, dramatically improves time to results and reduces background. PicoPLEX WGA Kit can be used with input DNA amounts ranging from 15 pg to 50 ng. Accepted for use in array CGH analysis as well as q-PCR, and we have customers who have used this kit for single cell genome sequencing on the 454 instrument.

  • PicoPLEX™ WGA Kits are used and trusted by leading providers in the IVF community such as BlueGnome for pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnostics (PGS/PGD).
  • Reproducible results from single cells (or <15 pg DNA)
  • Superior reproducibility of allele representation
  • Easy to use and automate
  • Unambiguous results at all resolutions, microarray and PCR

PicoPLEX Technology

PicoPLEX uses random primer extension with non-complementary primers to yield a library with a high systematic bias and very low stochastic bias.

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