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PicoPlex WGA for Single Cells

Reproducible Whole Genome Amplification from Single Cells

PicoPlex™ WGA for Single Cells increases the sensitivity and reproducibility of any type of single-cell analysis, giving you:

  • Reliable genetic testing from individual blastomeres and polar bodies
  • Greater ability to study genetic heterogeneity within populations of cancer and stem cells
  • Accurate karyotyping, genotyping, and mutation detection
  • Single-cell analysis as accurate and reproducible as 10,000 cell analysis
  • PicoPlex™ WGA delivers faster, simpler, more reproducible single-cell analysis.
  • In less than 3 hours from cell to product, you can expect lower rates of false positives and false negatives because of higher reproducibility of locus and allele amplification with virtually no background.

Superior Performance with Single Human Cells

  • Very reproducible locus and allele representation
  • Consistent performance of Q-PCR, aCGH, and sequencing assays
  • > 90% correlation coefficient for Q-PCR data from replicate cells
  • > 95% success rate for human mutation assays
  • > 95% success amplifying single blastomeres, polar bodies and flow-sorted cells
  • Genotyping with <10% LOH

Simple, Rapid, Robust Protocol

  • No Strand Left Behind™ 15 minute cell lysis and DNA extraction
  • Single-tube, 3-step, 3-hr process
  • All components are thermostable for robust performance

Important features of PicoPlex amplified DNA

  • Mixture of ds and ss DNA, MW ~ 500 b
  • 3 – 5 micrograms amplified DNA at ~50 micrograms/microliter
  • Virtually no primer dimers, chimeras, or extraneous DNA background
  • Superior for oligonucleotide and BAC aCGH, karyotyping, genotyping, mutation detection and sequencing
  • Adopted by major PGD reference labs for array and PCR assays