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ThruPLEX®-FD Prep Kit
Single Tube Library Preparation Kit for Illumina® NGS Platforms

The ThruPLEX-FD Prep Kit* represents a breakthrough in library preparation that streamlines the Illumina Next Generation Sequencing protocol starting with fragmented DNA or cDNA. ThruPlex employs patented technology* based on stem loop adaptors and couples this with a high fidelity polymerase to deliver a highly efficient and user-friendly process. The entire reaction takes place in a single tube in less than 2 hours and eliminates purifications/clean-up steps. Efficiencies, sensitivities and reaction rates are all improved. Regardless of the NGS application– DNA-seq, RNA-seq, ChiP–seq-the ThruPLEX-FD Prep Kit provides consistent and reliable results.

ThruPLEX-FD Prep Kit is designed to work on a wide variety of DNA samples with amounts varying between 50 pg and 50 ng. To ensure that your experiment delivers quality data, the table below provides a range of recommended input amounts of human DNA based on (1) your application and (2) the source material. The actual amount that you chose to use may vary from those suggested below. Note that as the amount of input DNA decreases, the diversity of the library may also decrease.

Input chart for Thruplex