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ThruPLEX® DNA-seq Kit

Higher Multiplexing Capability with Improved Performance for Illumina® NGS Platforms

From 50pg of input DNA to a library with up to 96 indexes in 2 hours

Create more libraries with greater sensitivity!

ThruPLEX DNA-seq builds on the innovative ThruPLEX chemistry to generate DNA libraries with expanded multiplexing capability and even greater diversity with lower duplication rates. Kits contain either 48 or 96 dual read Illumina-compatible indexes pre-dispensed and sealed in linear barcoded microplates.

Starting with as little as 50 pg of fragmented double-stranded DNA or cDNA, the entire ThruPLEX DNA-seq workflow is still performed in a single tube or well in about 2 hours and requires no purification steps or sample transfers. With a low input requirement, ThruPLEX DNA-seq produces uniform GC coverage and improves molecular complexity yielding reproducible sequencing results.

ThruPLEX DNA-seq can be used in any DNA-seq application, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and offers robust target enrichment performance with all of the leading platforms.

Simple Workflow: Single Tube or Well, 2 Hours, No Transfers

TP DNA-seq Tube Workflow

 ThruPLEX Workflow Advantage: High Quality NGS Libraries in About 2 Hours

ThruPLEX DNA-seq converts double-stranded DNA samples to indexed libraries in 3 simple steps: end repair, adapter ligation,
and high-fidelity library amplification. The streamlined workflow prevents sample loss and handling errors and is performed in a
single tube or well in about 2 hours.

TP DNA-seq Workflow Advantag

Even Better Performance at Lower Input Amounts

TP DNA-seq Est Library Size Dup Reads


 NGS libraries were prepared from the indicated amount of DNA using either ThruPLEX DNA-seq Kit or ThruPLEX-FD Prep Kit and sequenced on a MiSeq, v3 flow cell. Picard was used to calculate estimated library size, and % duplicates at 25M read pairs. ThruPLEX DNA-seq showed greater library diversity (left) and had fewer duplicates (right) at each input amount.


For more information on the ThruPLEX DNA-Seq kits please click here for the brochure and click here for the technical data sheet. You will also find more in the downloads section.